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We are committed to working tirelessly to bring you the best skincare products derived from nature.


1. We will only manufacture sustainable products that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits, while protecting public health and the environment over the life cycle of production, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal.

2. All products will be assessed by a medical doctor in regard to clinical application, and by a chemist and a plant biologist to verify good manufacturing processes and raw material sustainability.

3. Although EU and US regulations for cosmetics do not require it, we will conduct a clinical evaluation report for all products regarding clinical safety and performance. We will carry out a gap analysis and define which data still needs to be generated with the product under evaluation, and we will determine whether in vivo and/or in vitro studies are necessary, and if so, will define study design.

4. We will not forget that the naturalness of a product alone does not prove that it is good for humans. Although it is theoretically reasonable to use plant-based products, it is also possible that many plant-based products have had no scientific research conducted on their long-term effectiveness, and especially their safety. Interaction of bioactive components with each other can actually lead to adverse effects. Therefore, we understand that efficacy and side effects can be demonstrated only by scientific study and observation, not by logical inferences.



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