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Essential skincare for your daily routine.

How to use

Looking after your skin should not be overly complicated, but on the contrary, it should be as simple and effective as possible. This can be attained by using a thoughtful, multi-purpose product that simplifies your daily skincare routine.  By using NAROSEN Rose Water, the process can be complete and beneficial without being complex. We highly suggest you include NAROSEN Rose Water in your daily morning and nightly routines for the best results.

Gently shake the bottle a few times before each use, to disperse the unfiltered rose particles.

— To use as a cleanser

After spritzing to your face, use a cotton pad to wipe away makeup, dirt, and debris.


— To use as a toner and moisturizer

Simply spritz to your face a few times. Let it dry on its own.

The initial and basic steps of a daily skincare routine contain cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. NAROSEN Rose Water is a multi-purpose skincare product that can be used alone or as part of any other skincare ritual. If you would like to include it within your ritual of other products, it is the perfect first step before them, as it increases hydration and also helps protect the skin from exposure to toxins.

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