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The difference between

"rose water" & Real Rose Water 

What is being called “Rose Water" in the market is actually a byproduct of rose oil production that has been put through several processes of distillation in order to extract the highly prized and precious essential oil of rose. It is then sold with little or no rose oil in it.


NAROSEN Rose Water, on the other hand, has none of the essential oil removed.


The recipe of nature


There are more than 300 known phytonutrients and compounds in Rosa Damascena. That fact attracted the attention of the scientific community and subsequently, the herb was approved for use by the European Medical Agency Herbal Committee. It has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies, which have been published in such recognized databases as PubMed and ScienceDirect.

We are committed to protecting the integrity of Rosa Damascena and bringing all of its beneficial properties into a single bottle. Because we believe that the natural properties of Rosa Damascena's essential oil are so beneficial, we preserve its purity the way nature intended.


Narosen Rose Water has been exposed to many laboratory tests and has been certified by accredited institutions to be 100% safe.


A Unique Production Method Revolutionizing

The Quality Of Rose Water

The perfect chemical composition for the production of NAROSEN Rose Water is ensured with great care by providing optimal conditions in terms of temperature, light, soil, pruning, nutrient supply, and time of harvest. The fresh petals of the Rosa Damascena are harvested by hand just before dawn for the highest essential oil yield. Only one distillation is performed slowly and for a long duration.

No Microfiltration

By not applying microfiltration, all the distillable components of Rosa Damascena are transmitted to NAROSEN Rose Water, just like the traditional Mediterranean production methodology dating back centuries.

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